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Newcastle Tree Pros is proud to provide our full range of professional tree surgeon services to the Crawcrook area. Our team of City & Guilds NPTC certified arborists, tree surgeons, climbers, and ground crew have been caring for the trees of Crawcrook for over 15 years.

As experienced and qualified tree surgeons, we have the skills, equipment, and expertise to safely handle your unique tree maintenance needs in Crawcrook. Give us a call today!

Our Tree Services in Crawcrook

At Newcastle Tree Pros, we offer the full spectrum of tree care to Crawcrook residents, including:

Tree Felling

Our certified arborists adhere to strict safety standards when felling trees. We pre-plan the fall, establish drop zones, and use chainsaws, cranes, or climbers to fell your tree. Before felling any tree, we complete a thorough assessment of potential hazards like nearby structures, power lines, or pedestrians. We establish barricades and safety zones to protect people and property.

Tree Removal

Our team has extensive experience and advanced equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees of any size. We handle the entire tree removal process including cleanup. Our aerial lift trucks and climbing gear allow us to safely access difficult trees. We use rigging techniques to carefully lower cut sections rather than dropping branches. Your safety is always our priority.

Tree Pruning

Through proper tree pruning we can maintain tree health, structure, and aesthetics. Our ISA Certified Arborists know the science of pruning and can revitalize your trees. Our team stays up to date on the latest horticultural best practices for pruning trees and shrubs.

We know when to prune certain species based on time of year, growth cycle, and pruning objectives.

Crown Reduction & Thinning

Our skilled team performs crown thinning, selectively removing inner lateral branches to increase sunlight, reduce wind resistance, and lessen branch weight loads. Thinning opens up the canopy for improved air circulation and health.

We also offer crown reduction services, decreasing the height and spread of trees by cutting back terminal leaders and branches. Reduction pruning shapes and controls size yet preserves the natural form.

Hedge Trimming

We provide hedge trimming and shaping services. Our team uses professional hedge trimmers and shears to tidy up your hedges and shrubs. Our hedge trimming services enhance privacy, reduce overgrowth, encourage healthy new growth, and improve aesthetics for clients.

Site Clearance

We can clear and dispose of unwanted trees, stumps, brush and vegetation from sites in preparation for projects. This includes clean up. Before starting work, we will agree on scope and access points. We keep the work area tidy during service.

Dangerous Tree Work

Our crew is always on call to deal with emergency storm damage, fallen trees blocking roads, or dangerous tree situations requiring immediate response. With advanced equipment and availability, we can swiftly and safely resolve hazardous tree issues, making public safety the priority.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, we can grind the remaining stump down below ground level. This eliminates trip hazards and allows you to replant in the area. We use powerful, professional-grade stump grinders to reduce stumps to chips. This includes grinding lateral roots.

We remove the wood chips and backfill the hole with topsoil for a flush new look.

We know the local Crawcrook area well and can provide customized solutions to keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Crawcrook homeowners and businesses can rely on us for high quality tree care backed by industry qualifications and certifications, full insurance coverage, and great customer service.

To request a free quote or estimate for Crawcrook tree services, give us a call today. We are happy to come assess your trees and provide expert advice on enhancing your property through tree care. Call Newcastle Tree Pros for all your Crawcrook tree needs!